Passion for Innovation


It’s more than a goal: it’s at the very core of our DNA.


This is because we are part of the racing world – a world where standing still (or even slowing down a bit) is not an option.

Innovation for LEAR RACING CABLE means being competitive in a competitive sector, where technologies grow continuously and technological challenges continually set new goals.


But Innovation for us also has another meaning. It means making our products always different, and always better.

In recent years we have adopted increasingly precise and sophisticated testing methods, and we are among the first ones in Italy to boast an integrated 4.0 testing system.


We are integrating RFID  technologies to ensure the safety and traceability of our components.

And we are equipping our plant with wireless sensors, for increasingly precise and intelligent control of the entire production cycle.


In 2022 we started important Open Innovation collaborations with leading universities, companies and startups that share our same passion for racing and speed.

With only one goal: to help our customers go back on track the next season, at top performance.

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