Birth of LEAR Racing Cable

LEAR RACING CABLE srl was born in 2008 from the passion of FABRIZIO LENZI and GIACOMO ARDIZZONI. The two friends, in search of new stimuli and strengthened by fifteen years of experience in the production of motorsport wiring harnesses, decided to combine their skills and created a new company that immediately established itself in the motorsport scene. Close collaborations began with Ducati Corse, Aprilia Racing, Ktm Racing, Gresini Racing, Speed Up, Suter, and Geo Technology.

Aprilia WSBK World Champion

In 2010 came unexpectedly the world title in the newly created Moto2 category with Tony Elias and Gresini Racing.

At the same time, Aprilia became WSBK world champion with Max Biaggi.

To mondo WSBK con Max Biaggi.

Ducati Corse and Valentino Rossi

In 2011 the collaboration with Ducati Corse intensified with the arrival of Valentino Rossi, but the pairing did not achieve the desired results on the track.

In the same year Ducati achieved victory in WSBK thanks to a fantastic season by Carlos Checa.

By perfecting construction techniques and by hiring new collaborators, Lear Racing Cable continued its growth and service to top performing teams in several motorsport championships.

Formula 1

2014 represents a very important year for the future of the company: LEAR RACING CABLE starts collaborating with F1 teams.


Feb 2021
The managerial turn

In 2021 LEAR RACING CABLE accelerates the transformation from micro enterprise to SME.

The collaboration with Stefano Mileo, quality manager, controller and general manager of D.V.P. Vacuum Tecnnology, and former logistics manager of the Supercar Assembly division of CPC Group, begins in February.

Stefano brings experience, management skills and HR oriented approach to LEAR RACING CABLE. He develops a modern custom ERP/MES system, which ensures flexibility, speed and method, and integrates well with the new concept of lean organization.

Jun 2021
ISO 9001:2015 Quality System

One of the first successes of the new streamlined organization is the implementation of a quality system inspired by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The company's experience and best practices are codified in an internal management method based on Lean logics such as one-piece flow, shared value with the customer, and visual management.

May 2022
Technical Area and Innovation

LEAR RACING CABLE keeps investing in human resources. In 2022 the TECHNICAL function is strengthened with the entry of a young engineer around whom the new Technical Office begins to be structured.

At the same time, an ongoing collaboration begins with Fabio Prestopino, expert on LEAN production, product development, project management, change management, and innovation. Together with Fabio, the first DIGITALIZATION 4.0 projects are launched, and relationships are established with research institutions and universities.

Moto GP - Ducati and Bagnaia world champions

Wonderful season for our customers of the MOTOGP, MOTO2, MOTO3, SBK and FORMULA championships: 35 - 1st place; 38 - 2nd place; 31 - 3rd place; MOTOGP - SBK Rider Title; MOTOGP - SBK Constructor Title; MOTOGP Team Title.